5 Red Flags Of An Insecure Man

1. They don’t really have a life outside of your relationship.

He puts a lot of pressure on your relationship by making it his entire life. He doesn’t really have anything else going on for himself, and his sense of self-worth is tied to the two of you staying together.

2. They keep asking you if you’ve moved on from your past relationships.

He’s going to keep asking you if you’ve really moved on from your past relationships. He will keep questioning the realness of your feelings because of how much he doesn’t believe you. He just can’t seem to bring himself to trust you and that’s why he keeps asking.

3. They say “I love you” too quickly in the romance.

He’s going to be overeager. Yes, you want someone to tell you that they’re in love with you. But you always want it to be said in the right place at the right time. If he’s telling you that he loves you way too soon, it’s just his way of trying to lock you down. He’s pressuring you into saying the same thing to him as well.

4. They are constantly looking for validation from you.

He is always going to be fishing for compliments from you. He’s always going to be needy when it comes to adoration and validation. Yes, he will give you lots of attention; but he’s also going to be asking for a lot of assurance from you because he doesn’t trust you.

5. They get jealous way too easily and unreasonably.

He’s going to see himself as someone who can be easily replaced by anyone you might meet. And that’s why he acts very jealous and possessive. He acts very paranoid a lot of the time to the point that he wants to control who you get to interact with. He just doesn’t seem to trust you.

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