A Aquarius In Love Demands Loyalty

The intense attention of a Aquarius in love can be very alluring and enticing and frankly

irresistible. But take caution in not betraying your Aquarius as they have very high

standards and are less likely to quickly forgive and forget than most signs. Love, trust and

loyalty are things that they give freely, but if you err against them, they are likely to really

make you earn it back, if you ever even get that far.

Aquarius are never wishy washy and are very much “all or nothing”, in love and life. This is

highly beneficial for those that hate mind games and prefer to know exactly where they

stand. Aquarius is very articulate and great conversationalists which add to their allure.

When in love, they will want to know everything about you and will pierce you with their all

knowing’ eyes and fall deeper for you the more genuine you are in sharing details of your


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