Aquarius And Their Tactics

Aquarius are not malicious people, they in fact would rather make everyone smile if they

could. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have a few tricks up their sleeve to get what they

want. Their main thing is feeling neglected so if they feel like you’re ignoring them, they

may parade around as if they don’t need you in the first place (“I can be more distant that

you”, so to speak). They may also use emotional blackmail to get you to see what you’re

doing to them isn’t right.

They are masters at making others feel guilty. They’ll flip a situation to make them look

like the “victim”. Their other tactic is answer questions indirectly. You’ll hear a say “I

don’t know or “I’m not sure a lot. They also like to mirror the actions of others if it was

offensive to them, which is a great way to fluster people. They tends to get offended

easily and use a number of methods to even the pot.

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