Aquarius are Masters at Reading People and easily see through People’s Bull Shit

We all know they are quick, intelligent and observant people. They may seem careless but trust us, they are masters at reading people and you never know how easily they will see through people’s bull shit.

That is why take them seriously especially when it comes to judgment and making opinion about people. They are sharp and observant. You may think they are not even paying attention and seems careless. But you are underestimating them. They are never ignorant or careless. In fact they are much clever than your expectations.. They have this God gifted ability to penetrate through your soul. Reading people is their expertise and a part time hobby too.

They are not only sharp but they can also absorb enough from their surroundings. They can interpret, analyze and handle the situation smoothly. Their target may never notice their attention but they will xerox your inner reality in just a careless gaze.

They have a strong observation and always make their opinions based on observations. Usually they are right about what they think about another person. Not only by luck but they have a magic instinct and an inner third eye.

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