Aquarius are not Fooled by Convenient Friendships

You are very selective of who true friends are. Your natural friendliness gets you a lot of friendships from all sorts of people, but you know that there will always be those real friends that will stick it out with your through anything.

Everyone else just enjoys your nice personality and may not necessarily accept you for your worst sides.

A fake friend would:

Break promises – They wouldn’t keep their word more often than not. Their actions and words would not be in coherence.

Disappear in your bad times – They wouldn’t turn up in the times you need them the most, for they won’t see any benefit of investing their resources in helping you at that moment.

Use you – They would reach out only when they need a favor. They wouldn’t even care to return your favor after getting their work done.

Tell you lies – They wouldn’t be honest with you. For their convenience, they would tell you the things that you want to hear, not the ones that you should hear.

Compare themselves with you – They would compare themselves with you in every aspect of their lives. They would be jealous if you fare better in any of them.

Sometimes the person you’d take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun.

As soon as you find the above mentioned signs in a so-called friend, run away before you get stung. They are more dangerous than your enemies.

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