Aquarius Don’t Fear Commitment

Aquarius don’t fear commitment, they fear wasting time on the wrong person and getting attached.

EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT is more than just a word which we can all look up on google. Sometimes it acts as a liability while on certain occasions it acts as a source of memories. But whatever it is, at the end of the day we generally don’t look forward to emotionally attaching ourselves to people too soon especially in cases where we aren’t sure about the other person’s feeling.

Emotions, by virtue of being a part of humans, are complicated in nature. thus finding solutions to them became a difficult task. However as they say, prevention is better than cure, we must also try avoiding get emotionally attached to people. Here are few things which you can do to save your self from the above mentioned situation.

First of all go easy on yourself. Just because you have had some bad experiences with people probably because you got attached doesn’t mean that everyone will do the same to you or no one will do that to you again. It can be both ways. Ergo, it’s very vital that you start living a life with an open mind and be open to experiences.

Do not let instant connection with others make you believe that you are meant to be their friends. It is often seen that those who connect instantly tend to feel that they are meant to be true friends. That’s not true. It might just be a matter of coincidence. I am not asking you to not be friends with them. All i am saying is that apart from being their friends, also be on your guards.

Use a scientific approach and be logical. Make a list of Pros and Cons using your own calculator. Think twice before landing to conclusions. For e g. Take a sheet and write down why you should trust them and on the other why you shouldn’t. Include factors like time, mutual friends etc. I am not asking to judge that person but to only asses the equation you both happen to share.

Keep distance. Sometimes it is better to maintain distance in the initial days. It has two advantages. 1. You don’t depend upon them that way. 2. You also realize their importance. If the person notices the distance and comes to you then take it as a sign and If he doesn’t revert, then also take it as a sign and move on.

Above all Be fair to yourself and others. Just because the other person happens to have bad impression, don’t let that keep you away from him or her. You might be losing on something precious that way. Similarly just because a person happens to be popular , don’t die to be his or her friends. That way you will again get trapped. Be fair. Give everyone a chance to prove what position do they deserve to hold in your life.

Always be wise while choosing people, smart while dealing with them and mature while letting them go. This may not alleviate the pain but will definitely give you the strength to face the same.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck!

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