Aquarius now you should use swear words often

In the past using swear words could give you a bad reputation. People who swear a lot are often looked at as uneducated and vulgar. But a recent study by psychologists from Marist College concluded that those who tend to use curse words often also had higher vocabulary and rhetoric skills than those who don’t.

They measured subjects verbal fluency by asking volunteers to think of as many words as they can that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet in 1 minute. Participants with better language skills can usually think of more examples in the given amount of time. Based on this approach, the researchers created the swearing fluency task. This task requires volunteers to list as many different swear words as they can think of in 1 minute.

By comparing the scores of both tests, the researchers found that those who’d score high on the verbal fluency test would also score quite high on the swearing fluency test.They also saw that those who performed poorly on the verbal test also performed poorly on the swearing test.

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