9 Clear Signs Aquarius Woman Loves You Deeply

​1. She always pays attention to your words whenever you speak and always wants to be first one to respond to anything you talk.

She loves listening to you while you talk your voice seems very pleasing for her ears. You are simply the most important person in her life and that is a clear signs she loves you.

​2. She always wants to spend time with you alone without any interference of your friends and outside world. She tries to make plans secretly so that other common friends would not get any hint about it. If a woman is trying so hard you can understand why she is doing it.

3. She eagerly waits to see you in college hours. But the moment your eyes finds her and you start talking to her. She turns nervous twirling her hairs and her lips starts to shiver with a glimpse of smile on her lips.

Even though she is nervous outside but deep inside she blushes with smile when you lock your eyes with her which is again a signs she loves you deeply.

  1. Remember one thing that body language never lies. If she touches you in sensually sexy ways other than the way she touches her other male friends.

Like she touches your arms, ears, shoulders and back to build up the sexual tension than you should understand her intentions of trying to convince you for love and long term relationship which is again a definite signs she loves you with all her heart and soul.

​5. She constantly checks your Facebook and Twitter profile hitting the like button and commenting on all your status updates. She comments on your old pictures saying you look freaking hot to catch your attention.

By doing this she tries to tell you that she is mad about you, she wants to be a part of your life which again shows her intentions and signs she loves you madly.

​6. In most situations its the man who initiates the conversation with a woman. But if you get the impression that every now and again she tries to raise a new topic and ask for suggestions to get indulge in conversation with you.

It means she is fond of you and love to spend time talking to you. She continuously tries to find different themes of conversation to keep you busy and interested in her which is an obvious signs she loves you.

7. Every woman wishes to look sizzling hot in front of their man. Though you guys are not a couple yet still she tries to impress you with her dressing sense like hairstyle, eyeliners and lipstick.

She takes hours in front of the mirror to get ready and look as perfect as possible. She does this just to gain your attention and appreciation.

​Man if you really like her than appreciate her efforts genuinely to make her feel that her efforts to impress you had paid off.

Your appreciation also confirms her that you too are equally interested in her and it’s not a one sided love at the same time your one compliment also makes her day and boosts her confidence too.

8. She behaves differently on chat and in person when you meet. She talks in a normal way just like she would talk to any other friend. But the moment she reaches home she starts teasing you with flirty text messages.

She shows the real girly side of her while flirting with you on chat. It might be because she feels shy to talk flirty one to one with you or maybe she doesn’t have the boldness to tease and flirt with you one to one.

​9. Eye contact is one of the best ways to find out if anyone is interested in you or not. Woman who is literally flat on you and wants to have relationship with you would always try to steal a glance at your eyes.

She will try to glance at you when you are busy doing something else.

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