10 Brutal Truth About Loving A Aquarius Woman

Those who are born under the Aquarius sign have infinite layers to them. We can be

complicated at times, easily frustrating our romantic partners because we don’t like to let

down our guard. We will give love back when we truly find it, but many people will not

dedicate themselves long enough for us to want to reciprocate. Read Brutal Truth About

Loving A Aquarius and why loving a Aquarius can be difficult.

1. We will manipulate to get our way

We are an honest bunch. However, we won’t stop when there is something out there that

we really want! We know exactly how to manipulate someone into giving in to us, which

makes it easy to hurt those who may be more sensitive than others. We want what we see

in the future and will push at you until we get it. We may use countless explanations or

guilt until you give in to what we want.

2. We have wild sex

This sounds like an amazing benefit to dating a Aquarius but it comes with issues. We

love sex, and lots of it, but we don’t want to keep having the same boring sex over and

over. We want it to be fun and exciting and we can bore easily when we don’t feel like it is.

We are also guarded so we might not show our displeasure as much as others. This leads

to frustration in other areas of the relationship.

3. We are a stubborn bunch

We have a great deal of determination and strength. We won’t back down from

confrontations, and we hate to see anyone mistreated. We will chase after what we want

until we get it. Unfortunately, we also act impulsively at times, which can lead to us having

to cover up or fix our mistakes before they get out of hand. We may also lack the

consideration necessary in relationships when we become stubborn. However, we are brave

and invested in what we love, including our significant others.

4. We don’t like to forgive

We have been hurt before, and we haven’t forgotten it. When we allow someone to take

over our heart, we won’t forgive or forget if they betray us in any way. We are so loyal that

we expect only loyalty in return. We will never forget it if you hurt us.

5. We are very mature

This is a great benefit for most people, but a Aquarius will not leap into a relationship

haphazardly. We are searching for a meaningful relationship, not one that is silly and

meaningless. Our sense of humor is refined- we won’t enjoy stupid knock-knock jokes. If

you want us to consider you for a long-term relationship, woo us with your intelligence.

6. We need commitment 

We aren’t looking for a fling or a one-night stand. When we fall in love, we play for keeps.

We will remain faithful to you and expect the same. This can scare away someone who is

looking for a casual fling or who cannot settle down with one person. We hate when people

play with our hearts.

7. We are hard to crack

A Aquarius can be secretive and closed off at times. Our partners may have to play a

guessing game when they want to know what is going on in our minds. You’ll have to

commit to the time it takes to really get to know us, although it is 100% worth it in the


8. We deserve the best and know it

We want the best for ourselves and our partner. We will fight for our rights, as well as for

yours if we believe an injustice has been done. We often become frustrated with the limits

the world can place on us, leading us to become over-critical. Our high standards of life and

relationships can be hard to adjust to.

9. We pay close attention

A Aquarius will always pay attention to you. We are also excellent at finding information

from years ago and using it to our benefit. This may appear judgmental to some, but we

like to think of it as soaking up useful information for later use. We can’t be fooled easily,

and if we think someone is lying to us, we will search until we figure out the truth.

10.     We must be in control

We are a very independent sign. We hate having someone else in control, and this can

cause havoc in a relationship when our partners should be equals. We often over-think

problems and worry excessively, so if we can’t control our relationships, we will feel like we

are going crazy.


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