How Aquarius Feel And Act On A Bad Day

1: Non communicative want to be left alone.

2: Quick to leash out.

3: Feels every one is against them.

4: Extremely out of touch with their emotions and easily bothered, annoyed.

Sometimes, it’s just better to listen than to talk and barge the other person with loads of


It’s difficult to understand when a person is having a bad day. Yes, it is possible that the

person will probably be quite off his usual temperament and may react oddly to very

normal situations or maybe the person will withdraw into a shell.

Either ways, we can remain calm and not react to his reactions and wait for the right

moment to talk about it.

Most of the time though, simply stroking the person gently on the head with a smile helps

them to calm down. This works best for someone who becomes an introvert. They are just

looking for someone who can understand them without having them to express.

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