I am A Aquarius

Sometimes my personal shell is the most comforting place to hide, While everyone else is

in a turmoil, I’m in my own world doing fine; But I know I can’t retreat all the time even

though it’s my safety net, I just have to be real with myself and open up more so there is

no regret; My emotions are a roller coaster and I simply can’t control that, But my heart is

real and if you’re close to me I always got your back.

I am usually seen as being very sensitive and shy. Most people are usually surprised to find

out that I’m pretty friggin’ hilarious. People might think that I am odd because I can easily

become obsessed with all kinds of different people, places, 8 things. I am a loyal and caring

friend, but I do expect the same kind of respect in return. Sometimes I am too afraid to tell

people how I really feel about them.

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