Lets Face It Aquarius

– You have a very strong attachment to your past and to people who have been around for a long period of time.

– You have the hardest time controlling your emotions but hate showing them in front of people.

– You also like to use “emotional blackmail” to pet your way – You hesitate with being direct.

– Can be an outgoing social butterfly, but at times reserved, and shy. Have a love for children, and the elderly.

– Naturally creative, with a high intuition. Very loyal, honest, trustworthy, caring, and generous. A great friend and lover. Doesn’t give their heart away easily, but when they do, love hard, and unconditionally till the end.

– Enjoys the company of others, but also likes their space. Shares personal information on a need to know basis with most people, and is very private.

– Sensitive, emotional, sentimental, and moody; hides it at times, not to appear so. Very easy to please. Appreciates the little things. Can go from happy to sad, and back to happy in minutes. Doesn’t like drama, or get upset easily. Great at business, and managing money.

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