The Difficult Thing About Being A Aquarius

You’re a tough person, really tough. You have the skills to do what needs to be done when

it needs to be done. But one of your biggest problems is your difficulty leaving things in the

past. Now, before I go on, let me say it doesn’t mean you won’t move on and forget things

if necessary. What I’m saying is that for you there’s a certain level of comfort in knowing

what was…than not knowing what will be. For example -you had a tough relationship and

knew you had to leave but you still love that person after the fact. Instead of potentially

digging into a new relationship to get over that person or start over, you may recollect on

the “good times” with the ex and try to find some silver lining or hold on to sentiments

from them. You love hard and this may be another reason why. What’s unfamiliar to you is

not as fascinating or intriguing as what you already know and are familiar with and this can

lead to major setbacks in the future.

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