Top Rules of Aquarius

Aquarians are intelligent. They know about a lot of subjects, are great at problem solving and are very patient listeners. So if ever you are in need of someone who can listen to you quietly and sort out your issues, an aquarian is what you need in life.

They might sound or look weird as they are lost in their thoughts most of the time and are very curious by nature. Intellectual conversations stimulate them. So wooing one won’t be that easy. They have a gift of gab. They communicate really well and are able to convince people with their speech. They are very loyal and caring when it comes to friendship and love.

1. Give Respect/ Get Respect
2. Drama free or leave
3. I suck at apologies
4. You should have listened to me
5. Whatever you do, I’ll find out
6. Don’t let my honesty offend you
7. Don’t disturb my sleep
8. Chill and accept the crazy
9. I make my own rules
10. Sarcasm because beating people up is illegal

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