Some of the Best and Interesting Traits of Aquarius Woman

Trustworthy: A Aquarius never talks behind your back. Tell a Aquarius a secret and he will

take it to his grave.

Feelings and emotions: A Aquarius person is very difficult to read and don’t like show

their emotions to other people. One must be very special if a Aquarius share his personal

feelings, as they don’t trust a lot of people.

Hate lies and liars: A Aquarius always prefer a hard truth over a white lie. They respect

those who tell them the truth.

Brutally honest: A Aquarius is brutally honest, even if it cost them something dear.

Relationships: A Aquarius can do anything for their loved ones and always remains

faithful to their beloved. If cheated, they might never forgive you. When hurt, they usually

suffers in silence.

Great judge of character: Aquarius are great judge of character. They aren’t fooled by

words or believe everything they hear and usually judge you based on your actions.

Stubborn nature: Aquarius are very stubborn and known for their no-nonsense attitude.

Good listeners: Aquarius are very good listeners and often offer useful advice.

Genuine: Aquarius are genuine people. They aren’t attention seekers and respect

everyone. They are mysterious and often misunderstood but their intentions are good.

Good friends: Aquarius don’t have luxury of many friends, but they are loyal to the ones

they have. They will stick with you in good and bad times and expect the same from you.

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