Which is the Luckiest Zodiac Sign?

Did you know that, when you compile somebody’s astrological chart (using western

astrology), all of the signs are taken into consideration, not just a person’s sun sign, which

makes it really tricky to pick the luckiest zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has different characteristics. Each planet sits in a zodiac sign, which sits in

a house. The planets have different characteristics and, the house represents different

areas of your life.

Then, you look at where a planet sits in connection with other planets. Two planets in the

same house/sign, can indicate drama in that area of your life (if the planets have

conflicting energies). Or, the planets’ energies might work in harmony together.

All of this means that, one person with a zodiac (sun sign) the same as another person with

the same zodiac (sun sign) may have different luck, depending on what day, what time of

the day, and in what country they were born. The signs/houses turn every two hours.

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