You know you’re an Aquarius when…

You can see yourself doing your own thing for a very long time
 What people think of you is not really a concern of yours

You don’t like to be confined to something or someone unless you are 100% sure this is what’s right for you

You’re just as goofy and silly as you are pragmatic and sensible

 Real, true, down and out loyal friends bring you uplifting joy

Talking to new people doesn’t really frighten you, in fact, you can be rather extroverted

You are a softies deep down, and enjoy warm comforts of home, you just don’t talk about it

You notice patterns and behaviors in other people very easily; this makes you want to know what makes others tick

You hate when someone speaks for you or attempts to coerce you, this makes you despise this person rather quickly

You truly care about issues and people in the world, you seek to be of use and provide improvement

You love weird shit

Your mind may not always make sense to others, but it’s perfectly organized and is one of your strongest assets

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